It’s A (Stray) Dog’s Life

By: Stephanie M. Fuentes Álvarez


Just after 7:30 p.m. on a recent Saturday night, this stray walks around Cabo Rojo. Joined by my brother, we had barely driven for a minute before spotting the dog. “Hey, look! There’s one.”


The stray made its way to a gas station. Having deftly avoided traffic, the dog crossed without much trouble. Taking the picture, however, wasn’t as easy with the dog constantly aware of my presence.


Lying down behind some parked cars, this other stray rests at the gas station. Unlike the other, this one wasn’t afraid of my presence. I was able to get pretty close.


While kneeling down in front of the stray, it lifts its head to acknowledge my presence. Getting physically closer wasn’t difficult, getting emotionally closer was. It only takes one second of caring for this dog’s pain to really remind you of how unfair life is for all living creatures.


One look down Carbonell Street is all it takes to see the local pack. They were laying down on the sidewalk. Not an unusual sight around the area.


One of the dogs looks at me while I take its picture. It was laying down close to the lamppost. The dog looked to be settling in for the night.


Another stray is still full of energy. Moving around, this one attacked a bug that was on the sidewalk. Once captured, it promptly ate it.


Some of the members of the pack start getting up. Not long after I had started taking their pictures, they were splitting up. Some of the dogs started to head directly into town, others went toward some nearby houses.


Down Road 311, we see another stray. After heading back to the car, my brother and I drove around the area some more and stumbled upon this lone wolf. “That’s another one. He’s by himself.”


Back in our neighborhood, one of the earlier strays is lingering in front of a house. The dog seemed a bit unsettled by my presence. It only went back to walking around once there was some distance between us.


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