Luxury and Necessity

By: Jose R. Hernandez Avila

James Peréz, 20,
An Industrial Engineer major on his junior year of college getting home from class on a Friday afternoon. He has owned the same backpack for around 4-5 years dating back to his senior year in high school. “Until my books start falling out of my backpack, I don’t feel the need to buy a new one.”




Valerie Ortíz, 19,
An Industrial Engineer student walking to class on a very sunny Thursday afternoon. She owns a very expensive backpack from a familiar luxury brand known as Coach and  really thinks of her backpack more of an accessory to her outfit. “I’ve always bought a new backpack every time a new school year is about to start.”




Carlos Ruíz, 20,
A psychology student on his sophomore year wears his favorite pair of  black sneakers to class everyday. Faded colors and really old looking shoes have been with him for a little more than two years. “I don’t really like to use any other shoes when walking all day around campus, these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had.”




Eduardo Rodríguez, 18,
A marketing student in his freshman year wearing a pair of brand new gray sneakers. Having very little to non wear and tear, Eduardo changes his shoes according to what suits best with the clothes that he is wearing. “I’m very cautious with my shoes trying not to get them dirty or having any type of tear on them. I always buy my shoes and have them separated on my everyday shoes and my going out shoes.”




Alexandra Ríos, 19,
A Biology student on her sophomore year drives to college everyday on her 2006 BMW.  A very much recognized European car brand for its luxurious look on their cars. Even thought this is a relatively new car it has had its share of moments where it has stalled left her on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.  “This car was given to me as a gift from my parents right after I graduated High School.”



Luis Hernández, 19,
A Civil Engineer student on his freshman year of college. Drives a 1996 Toyota Tercerwhich has no air conditioning and no power windows or locks. Also given to him by his parents while going off to college. “Interestingly enough this car has never had a situation where its been towed or had any mechanical issues.”


La Cima II Apartments,
Located at Paseo los Robles near the Mayaguez Resort. This apartment complex consist of three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Having students living by themselves in these apartments with a monthly rent of over $1,200 in monthly rent. Buying these apartments now are a good investment for a starting home some time in the future.




C-48 Small Apartment,
located in the back of “Caracol” street in the Trastalleres neighborhood inside Mayagüez. When the monthly rent is $200 including two bedrooms, one bathroom and one refrigerator holding groceries of three different students. Where two of the three students share a the same bedroom.




Church’s Chicken Fast Food Restaurant,

located at barrio TrastalleresMayagüez while other students when talking about going out to get some take out or going someplace to eat, many times refer to a fast food restaurant where they can get the most value for a complete meal for under $10 dollars.




Costa Tio Mon Restaurant,

located at Plaza de Las Banderas, Paseo LitoralMayagüez, with an ocean view and terrace cocktail bar. Some students might have the opportunity to maybe once a week have a dining experience at a fancy restaurant. Paying around $20 dollars for an entrée is something that a lot of students cannot easily afford it.



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