Not Your Typical Mother’s Day

 By: Aixa M.Rivera


This young lady is working on her craftsmanship on a lonely passage near the Doña Fela parking. She looked really young and was working even though it was raining all day. “I work even though is raining. Doing this isn’t easy but is for my family , so is worth it.”




Mercedes Cabrera is working cleaning the streets of Old San Juan from 1:00 to 5:00. She’s mother to eight children that are not even in Puerto Rico with her. “I’ve been working for 18 years for the city of San Juan and this is the first time I ask to work on Mother’s Day since none of my children were here to celebrate it with me.”


Alejandro Cortes is giving food to the doves at the Plaza Centenaria with his three sons. He’s now a single father since his wife died a year ago. Alejandro demonstrates that sometimes you are the father and the mother in your children’s life.


This young man was reciting poetry at the Plaza Centenaria. He does this Saturday and Sunday from 3:00-9:00 pm.When I asked him why he was “working”, he said “ I love my mother but since she’s an artist she understands my passion, so she’s here watching her son and enjoying Mother’s Day as I recite my poems to her.”


This woman is enjoying a can of Coca-Cola as she listens to the young man reciting poems in the Plaza. She’s a homeless woman and she says she has children but doesn’t remember exactly. The people around me said “She was a really good and working woman but she lost her house and everything went down hill.”


Shana, 19, was sitting across from me as she was doing Facetime with her mother. She’s an exchange student from New York studying in the School of Plastic Arts in San Juan. Technology has helped people communicate more effectively even though their thousands of miles apart.




A woman is walking with two little children towards El Morro. Damaris, resident of Toa Alta, was sharing an Mother’s Day afternoon with her nieces. There’s different types of families where not necessarily the mom is the biologically mother.



Towards El Totem, Ricardo, is riding his skateboard. He has 12 years and goes skateboarding in Old San Juan. When I asked where was his mom he said “She’s over there. I wanted to be with her and skateboard, so me and my family came here to spend the day.”


Policeman Gutierrez,35, is conducting traffic on El Morro this rainy Mother’s Day. He spent the day before with his mother and his wife. “Is not easy to be working here and seeing all the families when I can’t be with mine.”


Two women are on the entrance of the Cemetery Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis. They entered the cemetery and remained there for 15 minutes. Mother’s Day is to be shared with loved one’s but sometime they aren’t around us.





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