Similarly Different Through Time

By: Anamarys Cruz

8:00 AM


Luis A. Pérez, 71, doing his morning routine, finishing what he started, getting the house ready before her “beloved” wife returns, on a recent Saturday morning. He never cared about how the house looked but when his wife’s father died he started repairing the house just to make her happy. “I couldn’t stand see her depressed and I knew she always wanted the house beautiful so I gave her the house she wanted just to see her smile.”


Christian Jusino, 22, helping his grandfather finish the house for his grandmother a recent Saturday morning. For this young fellow the word “no” doesn’t exist, he has always helped the family no matter what. “I think that one of the best satisfaction in life is making my family happy, that is why whoever needs my help I never think it twice.”

12:00 PM


Pérez, on his house after feeding his animals at the farm Sunday at noon. Pérez was raised in a family of 12 members, including his mother, and lots of farm animals that’s why he always loved having animals because it remembers him of his childhood. Sometimes he stays more than usual down there just to think about his father and how much he misses him.


Jusino, bringing his great-grandmother’s gift to her house as a surprise on Sunday at noon. For Jusino his family always had come first and he knew she needed a microwave and he bought it for her. “After giving her the microwave she got mad at me because she said she didn’t need it and that it was expensive but I’m very sure she is using it.”

3:00 PM


Nothing better than a nice bath after a hard working day, now Pérez is ready for a “good day” at his store Sunday evening. For the past 30 years that he started working on his store he received the same customers everyday at the same time. “Those old men who visit me at the store, as routine, always make my day, they are like family.”


Jusino’s way of spending his day is just watching NBA videos, especially of LeBron James on his house Sunday evening. Since he was seven years old his passion was to play basketball, he was in several teams until he got injured. “Basketball is my life and even though I’m not supposed to play sometimes I go to my backyard to practice.”

6:00 PM


Perez, enjoying a “peaceful” moment in his store after a hard working day in his farm a Monday afternoon. When he was young he always loved working so he could have his own things; he built that store on his own and he protects it with his life. “Everything I achieved all these years is for my family especially my grandchildren and I don’t regret anything because they now can have the future they deserve.”


Jusino, making his normal exercise routine at Las Marías gym on a Monday afternoon. For him staying fit was never important until he and his girlfriend broke up and he wanted her to see what she was missing. “I first was doing it as kind of revenge but then I started feeling very healthy so I know exercise for my health.”

10:00 PM


While some people rest Pérez day haven’t finish yet, he is still working at his store until the clock marks 11:00 pm. He used to work until his last customer left, but after he got robbed and attacked two years ago he closed earlier than he used to. “I will never risk my life again, what I experienced before I would never want it to happen again.”


A better way for Jusino to end his day is watching the NBA playoffs and waiting for his team to win the game Monday at night. He has never missed a playoffs game in his life just to learn plays; two years ago he practiced to be a basketball coach and he gave free practices at Las Marías Coliseum. “All I have to say is that Miami Heat will be champions once again, “3-peat”.”


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