The Need Of God’s Acceptance

By Yexcica Andrea Cappas Santiago


Sexualidades Queer, Espiritualidades y Resistencias” (Queer Sexuality, Spiritualities and Resistance), left to right, Aixa Rodríguez, Pedro de Jesús Colón, and Luis Fernando Lanuza.

           On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, the second day of the V Coloquio ¿Del otro la’o?: Perspectivas sobre sexualidades queer at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, a panel titled “Sexualidades Queer, Espiritualidades y Resistancias” (Queer Sexuality, Spiritualities, and Resistance) was offered by Pedro de Jesús Colón, Luis Fernando Lanuza, and Aixa Rodríguez. The panelists talked about different perspectives of resistance and reinterpretation of the bible. Pedro De Jesús Colón, who’s dedicated his life to reinterpret the bible’s passages in order to make them less aggressive to the homosexual community. He said “everyone, all religions interpret the bible their own way, ¿Why not us also?” LGBT (Lesbians,Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) are often pointed out as eternal sinners, but the bible states that “we are all sons of God, made in his image and similarity , then ¿why hate LGBT?, then ¿Do we also hate God? then , ¿Is God gay?).

            Following De Jesús Colón was Fernando R. Lanuza, graduate from Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro, Mexico, covering the reading of Gloria Anzaldúa y “la alegria como Resistencia queer. The reading was complemented by a PowerPoint Presentation of quotes . Gloria Anzaldúa’s writing concentrates on the development of sex, the adversity of sexuality, how this “given” sexuality is an unplanned tool, and how people can live their lives feeling comfortable with their gay or lesbian life.

ImageExplanation of Gloria Anzaldúa y la alegría como Resistencia queer was taking place.

            The final panelist was Aixa Rodríguez, a professor at the UPRM’s English Department. Her talk was about Bayard Rustin: intersection between race and sexual identity 50 years ago. A point she highlights is how Bayard Rustin was the person in charge of Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream”, he wasn’t given the deserved merit because of his homosexuality, which made M.Luther King betray him by firing him to avoid a public disgust.
            The activity ended at 3:00 p.m. and the last 30 minutes were left for questions by the audience. Rubén Caraballo, a biology major at UPRM, expressed opinions about the rationality of the need for biblical acceptance expressed by the homosexual community. “I don’t understand why does the gay community, have to feel accepted by the bible. Be happy accepting yourself.”







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