Tren Urbano

By: Milton E. Pérez Osorio


Josué Gutiérrez standing nearby a window and gazing through it while being lost in deep thought. Over the past eight years, he had visited his deceased wife on La Piedad Memorial Park, in Rio Piedras. “I visit her at least once every month and make sure to clean the tomb.”


Aníbal Reinaldo Alvarado selling marshmallow sticks to passengers. For the past weekends, he went through every station of Tren Urbano to collect some funds for her sister. “She is graduating this May at Escuela Academia de Adultos, and I want her to have the best graduation gift!”


Enzo Castelo and Jeremias Mellado on the way to meet their friends on Río Piedras station. They finished viewing the movie Wakolda in Fine Arts of Miramar. “We don’t usually go to watch foreign movie, but our friends highly recommended. As far as the movie went, we fell asleep about two-third in.”


Rosalinda Belmonte reviewing her notes for the upcoming defense thesis presentation. She finished her Bachelor degree of psychology in May 2009 and entered in 2012 for her Master degree of industrial psychology. “This defense presentation is driving me crazy, but thinking that I’m almost done with my Master degree is helping me push to the end.”


Marcia Suarez and her daughter, Grabriela, taking a rest after a “long day” of work. She worked an 8 hour shift as a maid at the El San Juan Resort & Casino. “Someone didn’t showed up today, so I had to fill in and with such short notice, I had to bring my daughter to work.”


Matilde Robles and Amelia Ojeda waiting for the next train to hop on. They met when they were kids in school and became inseparable friends. “We are just on our way back to Matilde’s house. To enjoy a lazy Saturday, watching movies all day.”


Estevan Solos enjoying his last bits of home-made sandwich. He was a mechanic who used to operate a small mechanic shop in Bayamón. “One of my kid and a friend of his is now working on the workshop. I’m on my way to pay them a small visit.”


Alberto Rodríguez and Esteban Rodríguez, father and son, returning back home with pairs of items. Alberto’s car recently broke down and had to take the subway to do his task. “The radiator on the van got damaged on Wednesday and it can’t be fix until the other week, so I decided to try out the train this weekend.”


Miss running from the camera. She declined to participate on the activity, but later offered her help to find someone who is willing to take photo. “I don’t like taking photos at all. I don’t even let my boss take photo of me.”


Elizabeth Torres, a local employee standing the nearby gates of Río Piedras station to help out people. She worked as an accountant in Banco Popular before she started working in Tren Urbano. She knows a lot about the area and gave out a large amount of recommend neighboring shops with precise direction.


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