Facing Mom’s Death… on Facebook

By: Yexcica Andrea Cappas Santiago

Facebook is a life changer!

Yes, and you’ll understand why.

In a modest, well lit, simple yet inviting and comfortable living room on a stormy day, a couple of well-known friends gathered together to have an unforgettable conversation.

“It’s already Friday, around 3:30 p.m. and the storm is getting worse. There’s nothing to do to entertain yourself, so let’s gossip.” “Salsa goes up your veins, Macarena”. That’s the best way to describe Kimberly. Where there’s salsa, there’s her.

An impulsive, impatient, and bad tempered girl that dances off during commercial breaks, has lived through a lot of experiences in her 21 years. Being an only child, she’s usually surrounded by her father, grandparents, boyfriend, and her best friend, whom she describes as her “partner in crime.”

Although she hasn’t known her best friend for decades, she calls her “my clone,” stating that they have several things in common and this is why having an unforgettable conversation with her is easy. “We’re never bored when we’re together,” Kimberly claims as she laughs and looks at her best friend.

One of her goals in life is to study English and become a teacher. The memory of her mom is her daily motivation and helps her concentrate on her aspirations. Giving the best she can to make her mom proud. Something that makes her happy is getting good grades because she knows her mom couldn’t ask for less than that.

She constantly repeats in the conversation that she never wants to let her mom down. “She is the woman that motivated me to go to such a prestigious university as “El Colegio”.” (UPRM) With determination, she says “I’m not gonna let you down, I’m gonna graduate!”

Her bilingual mom motivated Kimberly to learn English and inspired her to get up every morning to give her best.

She now wants to become a court translator and/or an English teacher. She states that she

Will be one of the best because most English teachers nowadays get on her nerves because of their unethical work. The upcoming graduate from “Colegio” gets aggravated with people she categorizes as “useless. Explaining that such people don’t know how to give explanations.

Her boyfriend Elvin Lugo with wide opened eyes and a sarcastic laugh repeats her argument of having a bad temper and low patience and says “that’s why she gets so aggravated with these type of people, she has her grandma Tata’s attitude, so we can’t judge that, it runs in her blood.”

The couple has been together for two years and gets along perfectly, except when they don’t agree on something. “This girl is really stubborn, she doesn’t listen at all, said her light skinned, tattooed, dreadlock wearing boyfriend, while making the words “at all” sound longer and louder.

They met long after Kimberly passed through the worst experience in her life. “After that happened, he has become a blessing, the best thing that ever happened to me,” the salsa dancer states as her eyes get watery and her voice losses tone.

“I’ll never overcome this challenge!” She rushed to say without holding her breath.

Kimberly happily says she grew up side by side with all her family, including her father and mother, but her mom had multiple sclerosis (MS), which sadly made her stay in bed during most of her daughter’s life.

MS in an inflammatory disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged; such damage interrupts the ability of the nervous system to communicate, it has several changes and it varies its symptoms and signs. It includes physical, mental and sometimes psychiatric problems.

After 19 years her incurable illness led to the hospital. Her immune system was weak due to her illness and she was very vulnerable to catch any type of disease while hospitalized.

Kimberly firmly retells how it was a normal day and she was on her way to the hospital to see her mom like the past days since she’s been hospitalized. Suddenly her phone rang and it was a notification from facebook.

“When I looked at my phone, it was my cousin from Florida.” Her cousin was in charge of letting the rest of the family know about how Kimberly’s mom was doing, but everything changed for this English undergraduate when her cousin wrote on her facebook “I am sorry, I’m here for you.”

“I was confused, I was like “Why are you telling me this?” I didn’t want to believe it.”

Unfortunately, once she got to her mom’s room, she understood. Anger, sadness, and frustration overwhelmed her. “I was her only daughter and the last person to know about it.” She softly says as she holds her tears in with a weak tone. “The last one!,” she loudly repeats.

“My mom passed away and I knew it through facebook,” she sarcastically smiles and avoids eye contact.

“You’ll never overcome such a thing, but all I can say is, you should keep motivated through life and be the best person you can be,” she advices as she tries to carry on a fake smile full of sadness and attempts to change the topic of this unforgettable conversation.


A mother’s love for her daughter.


University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez’s English Undergraduate







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