Homeless in Mayagüez Streets

By: Jaime G. Rodríguez Canabal

Quarter Smile


Homeless man asking for money in the intersection. He had already asked for money to two cars, and the Dodge Nitro gave him money. he is smiling because the one of the Dodge Nitro gave him a dollar bill.

Shopping cart closet


Shopping cart is full of cloth and baskets with blankets. Since I live in Mayagüez I have seen this shopping cart around. This shopping cart is an old lady who is homeless, she is behind the cart sitting on the bench with a blanket covering her from the rain.

Technological homeless


This man is talking on the phone. Early in the morning he charged his phone in Plaza Colon. But the man is homeless, so how does he owns a phone?

Garbage taking over


This entrance has lots of garbage. The entrance to this house that is located in the Santiago R. Palmer street is full of garbage like plastic and crystal bottles. Homeless people pass through this entrance to pick cardboards and things that are valuable for them.

Chatting in the bench


A man talking with a woman sitting on the bench. The bench spotted on the side of Mayagüez town hall had been clean early in the week. The homeless man seems to like having company.

Hiding from the Camera


This homeless man is hiding from the picture. When he saw my friend with the camera he tried to hide behind the sign. He did not wanted to be photographed.

UPRM Homeless


Homeless man asking for money in front of the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez. In that walked he did not get any money from the people on the cars. In the other side of the intersection, was another homeless asking for money.

Getting Rich


Man asking for money without success. He is the one that asked for money in the other side of the intersection. Another homeless in the city of homeless.

Intellectual Lady


This lady is reading a book under the trees. This homeless lady is the same that covered her self from the rain with a blanket and her shopping cart. She always sleeps in a bench next to where she is sitting.

Valuable Garbage


This shopping cart has lots of garbage. That cart may be full of garbage for us, but for the homeless is full of valuable items. The cart is always around the water fountain in front of the UPRM.















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