Road Trip To Cabo Rojo

By: Elbin G. Torres Rivera


Life after retirement
Nestor Marrero and his wife, both 64 and from Añasco, enjoying a beautiful day fishing at the beach of Joyuda, Cabo Rojo. They go two or three times a week every month, from 7 to 10 am, to enjoy the ocean and to relax. “There is not much to do after you retire, you get old and don’t have the same energy. People do different activities and stuff, this is what we do.”


A job with a great view
Kenneth Areche has the job that anyone would love to have. He is the tourist guide of the Cabo Rojo’s lighthouse and not to mention the beautiful view he has from there. He works five days a week and loves going out of the lighthouse and seeing the ocean in front of him. “After many remodeling the lighthouse reopen to the public on march 24 of 2014 and has had around 6000 persons visited it already. This place is considered one of the most beautiful views in the world.”


Internal tourism
Luis Rivera and Sonia Malave, the couple taking a picture of, are a travelling senior couple from Ponce. They have visited every place in Puerto Rico and love to travel the island. Cabo Rojo is one of their favorite places on the island.


A lonely soul
Leandra Santiago,24, from Lajas, is a lonely but passionate woman. She likes to go to the beach alone and think about her life. Her favorite place is the cliff that it is in front of the Cabo Rojo’s lighthouse. “It is so relaxing feeling the breeze and the sound of the waves. This is my therapy.”


Road runners
Anthony Robles and his wife Natalie Guzman are a cycling couple. They are from Cabo Rojo and ride their mountain bikes three to four times a week. They like riding and feeling the ocean breeze. They are not the only ones that do it. There are several more people that ride with them.


A break from “El Colegio”
Christian Tejada, 22, Electrical Engineering student from The University Of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez, knows how to chill. When he is not studying for a test or doing a project, he is enjoying the wonders that Cabo Rojo gives. “Playa Sucia is the best place to leave out the tension of the “Colegio”. Some beers, sun and this beautiful water and you forget everything that you had in your mind.”


Beach and sand
Joseph Nieves, 10 year old boy, plays with the sand while everybody else enjoys of the beach. His parents live on Cabo Rojo. He enjoys a lot the beach at his young age.


Life on the sea
Tony Cruz, a middle aged fisherman, is resident of Combate, Cabo Rojo, P.R. Every day he wakes up early in the morning and goes to the dock where he has his boat. He leaves the dock at 3am. And goes into open sea for fishing. At 10am he is back from fishing. “The fishing business is running slow right now. There are not many fishes like before.”


Under the umbrella
George Rivera and Brenda Carmona, citizens of Cabo Rojo, are a retired couple which spend their days in the “Poblado” in Boquerón. They enjoy talking to strangers and making new friends. They often talk about their lives and remember those old glory days. “ We are getting old, but there is no bigger satisfaction than knowing that you have lived well.”


Best part of the sea
Margarita Pagan is in charge of the cooking at El Pirata. It is located a the entrance of Boquerón. The place is famous for it’s lunch but over all it is the seafood that makes this place wonderful. “There is nothing like eating a “empanadilla de Carrucho” with a beer here in Cabo Rojo. If you come here and don’t eat seafood, you are wasting your time.”


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