Health Crisis

Health crisis leading to a mayor exodus of doctors in Puerto Rico.

On October 9,2014 the crisis in Puerto Rico’s Health Deparment was discussed in a press conference in the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez and in it participated expert that had worked in the health system for a very long time, they were: Dr.Rafael Moura, Librada Borrero, Catalina Moura and Marta.

There were a lot of topics that were discussed during the press conference and a lot of reactions that could be the answer to a lot of question revolving the health crisis that P.R. is experiencing right now.Some of the overall problems are that politics is very involved in the health deparment because every time that there is a government change, everything changes including the directors of tha public health deparment.Another problem that was dicussed in the press conference was that the services do not reach the people that really need it and this creates a anger in those that really need it.The overall situacion in PR is not good but the main problem is that all those doctors that specialized in specifics areas of work, are leaving for job offers in the United States.

In the last five years Puerto Rico has suffered a large exodus of professionals but mainly doctors, they are leaving for better job offers in USA.Catalina Moura said, “There is a lack of paid and all of them want a better way of life and a better way of work,” this the cause of the problem.Doctors are not getting paid what they deserve and that is affecting the population and that means that is affecting you to.The number of cardiologist has drop from 400 to 150 in five years, that means that if a patience has a heart condicion the probabilities of having to wake up early and go to another location in PR,are pretty high.Another reason that make the doctors leave Puerto Rico is the amount of money that they are paid here, here doctors are paid $12 per hour and if you compare that with $120 per hour at Florida or $150 per hour in Texas, then that is clearly a big difference and one of the main reason for them to leave.As Marta Martinez said:”The amount of money that they paid them here does not meet the sacrifices,”clearly something that need to changed in order to make the doctors stay here.As stated in a new article “Doctors flee Puerto Rico for US mainland” we are being left whithout professionals and right now there is nothing being done to stop it.This has a effect on the population that need regular attention from certain types of doctors and those doctors are no longer on the island wich mean that those patience have to take a plane regurlary to the USA in order to get the treatments that they need and that is something that cost a lot of money.

Many people have decided that the best decision is to follow ther doctors to the main land and that is affecting PR populations levels.That means that if you need for example a thoracic oncologist , you need to get on a plane and go to Florida.This affects all sectors of the population because all have medicals needs and you don’t know when you are going to get sick.As Librada Borrero said, “The product of Puerto Rico is really good,”the professionals that emerge from the island are good in what they do but here they are not shown the respect that they deserve.The government needs to fix this problems because soon all the good doctors are going to leave and that is going to create a new problem in our society.

"The problem is that we have that sting from marketer in our medicine"

“The problem is that we have that sting from marketer in our medicine”


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