Security in the UPRM Campus Press Conference

The four panelist in the press conference at the Chardon Building in the UPRM prepare to answer any security question for the campus community.

The four panelist in the press conference at the Chardon Building in the UPRM prepare to answer any security question for the campus community.

On October 8, 2014 in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez a press conferences was given where four panelist expressed their opinion about security in the campus.

The four panelist were the Lieutenant Jose Barbosa, Marrero Director of the Department of Traffic and Monitoring, Jesiel Diaz Colon President delegated by the Board of Arts and Sciences and Gustavo Cortina Rodriguez director of the office of quality of life.

About the implementation of cameras around the campus Mr. Cortinas think cameras are a tool and can be used to clarify a case but to implement those the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez also known as the UPRM has to solve their human errors. The Office of Quality of Life use the statistics of 2013 that said the most criminal incident pass around the Sanchez Hidalgo, Nursing and Engineer Building.

The second panelist is Mr. Diaz he express cameras are a good resource but do not resolved the security problem in the UPRM also the campus do not provide the maintenance required for this implement. Their mission is help the security with the allocation of resources since the security are not enough to the population of the campus as well as the facilities that are outside the enclosure. Also the security plan include manage the hours for gate closing in the night time with secure. The night classes be in one building and the security can focus in there. They are also giving promotion to the escort service. Last they want to implement a 24 hours study place, this would start in December at the UPRM Library.

Our third panelist Mr. Marrero said the security of the UPRM need to evolve, the implementation of cameras can be an additional tool to provide a guarantee of a security service. The security department consists of three eight-hour shifts so counting with the presence of 24-hour security guards with a total of 58 security guards.
The last panelist Mr. Barbosa said cameras would not solve the problem but it could help but the UPRM would not spend the money. His advice in presence of a crime is to preserve your life, do not fight and do what the aggressor says and give what he wants. Hide any electronics or valuable things in your car.
The issue of security and self-defense in an attack can be kind of tedious. Experts tell us to collaborate with our abuser but what we really should do in this case in which fear, despair and anguish seize us.
The UPRM is a propone place for assaults and other crimes that is what the Office of Quality of Life of UPRM says according to the written “Un minuto” [ ] they exhorts the campus community to be aware in case of an assault, how to avoid it, how to protect yourself and what to do in that case.
The first thing they tell us is how to protect us from being assault or rob at our houses or residence. The precautions to have in this case is to protect and hide any valuable property, close all doors and windows and do not bring anyone home, “in more than half of the reported cases of rape, the victims knew their attackers” says “Un minuto”.
Second measure of prevention would be precautions in the street and the campus. This consist in be aware of your surroundings, have your car’s keys prepare and never get in a unknown’s car.
Third measure prevention in case of an assault be as calm as possible, rethink the situation if you can run, escape, negotiate or scream. The most advisable thing to do is cooperate with the aggressor and give them what he wants. It is important for finding the aggressor to have a description of him and call for help.
The Office of Quality of Life exhorts to be alert to every sign of crime and “promotes changes and improvements” in the security of the campus.


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