Cultural Life In Mayagüez

By: Yelitza Seda Torres

On October 20, 2014 in the Chardón Building of the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez, the undergraduate students Gladimar Ross Luciano, Alexa Nazario Rivera, Melissa Padilla Cintrón, Emmanuel Muñoz Crespo and Yelitza Seda Torres held responsible to direct a “Cultural Life in Mayaguez” press conference.  The conference was composed of five panelists who gave information, opinion and some advice about the culture in Mayagüez, specifically the arts in the community and in the University or Puerto Rico-Mayagüez.

The conference panelist were Mr. José García Ressy, who supervises extracurricular activities in the UPRM; Mrs. Nana Badrena, who is artistic director of the Western Ballet in Mayagüez; students Amil Yafet Ortiz, a fine arts student and co-founder of AutóctonoPR; and Wilfredo Guilloty, the president of the Student Association Theater; Finally Olga Ortiz, representative of the mayor José Guillermo Rodríguez.

The students started the conference asking panelists, about what means the art and culture meant to them.  Mr. García said that arts are one way to manifest our culture and that both are involved.  Mayor representative Olga Ortiz added that art is culture and at culture is all that we are.  Mr. García said that cultural activities can influence the students’ mind base.

Four panelists agreed that it’s important to continue making cultural events in a city with a large population, but the problem is that the community needs to search information about the events, specifically the young persons, to know about that, because some people never know when and where the activities will be it and never enjoy.

These question created a conflict between the panelists and the atmosphere became tense because student Guilloty said that in Mayagüez and in the west the people almost not make cultural activities, nevertheless, is that the peoples doesn’t investigate about schedule of the events.

Furthermore, Mayagüez was selected as American Capital of Culture 2015, with this designation it will have the opportunity to share its cultural activities through the television international channel.  At the same time, some activities of another places like the north, south and east of Puerto Rico will be transmitted through the channels.

To know what activities will be presented in the west area you need to visit and see the schedule of some interesting activities.  Some activities that you will be enjoy in the West area are theater performance in Yagüez Theater and art exhibitions,

The panelists was asked about their own projects.  UPRM student Amil Yafet, spoke about fine arts association, which creates different art events to general public where the person can experiment and know basics fundaments about how work the arts, these time specifically with the power of the colors.  At the same time, Ms. Badrena said that proximately her students will be present the work Dracula on the Yagüez theater.  Moreover, Ms. Olga Ortiz spoke about the next events to Mayaguez like “Feria Nacional del Pitorro” and “El Festival de la cultura de la Nasa,” organized by the municipality.

These greater persons have a big projects with and amazing goals.  The panelists spoke about their projects and the goals that they want to achieve with them.  Mr. Guilloty wants to expose the works of his team outside the UPRM to help the group to a new opportunities on the future.  Meanwhile, Ms. Bardrena wants to get out the word ballet to her projects and that people see and enjoy her work.  Mr. Ortiz, said that the association of fine arts wants to create a fantastic exhibition at the end of the semester and break the expectations of the past year.

To give a gold end to the conference the panelists answered, how they predict the cultural appreciation in citizens from here to 10 years?  They agree that we rely on much of technology, to which we must adapt to it and to everything new things that is present to us, the culture in 10 years depends of us  because the culture…”are what we are, what we were, and what we want be,” Olga Ortiz said.

In the back the interviewers to right, Alexa Nazario, Gladimar Ross, Melissa Padilla,  Emmanuel Muñoz and Yelitza Seda.  In the front the panelists to right, Ms. Olga Ortiz,  Ms. Nana Badrena, Yamil Ortiz, Wilfredo Guilloty and Mr. Jose Garcia Ressy.

In the back the interviewers to right, Alexa Nazario, Gladimar Ross, Melissa Padilla,
Emmanuel Muñoz and Yelitza Seda. In the front the panelists to right, Ms. Olga Ortiz,
Ms. Nana Badrena, Yamil Ortiz, Wilfredo Guilloty and Mr. José García Ressy.


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