Dear me,

By: Nichole D. Massas Le Cleres

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                     The simple things                   Ramón Rodríguez, 65, enjoying a peaceful morning waiting for his cup of coffee at Friend’s café in plaza Cristóbal Colón, Mayaguez. “Take it slow, don’t worry too much because you don’t know how  long you are going to live. Only God knows. Don’t want things you can’t have. Learn to love the little you have and give it better use. Look up to people with a greater purpose and follow their example. Live simply and happily.”

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      Coffee and contemplation               Héctor Astacio, 49, after meeting his friends for coffee and pastries he is ready to run some of today’s errands. “I would tell myself not to commit the same mistakes and think before I act. I would do everything differently.”

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                  Wisdom lines                         Margarita Flores, 74, enjoying a conversation over a cup of coffee. “I would tell myself to not worry about the future and to maintain my good values. In the future, society will need those good values.”

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                           Years of walking                                     María Segarra, 52, arrives at the plaza to catch up with friends. “Study more, In the future it’s going to be very necessary. It’s going to be hard without an education.”

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                  Second chances                     Israel Bronson, 30, sweeping the plaza’s floor with a broom, he gave advice to his past self and contemplated his future. “Study because you will need it. Don’t study to be a barber, there are too many barbers here. Choose a profession that will get you somewhere and puts food on the table like a chef or something. Be more selective when it comes to friendships, bad friendships will negatively impact your life.”

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                    The what ifs                         Alberto Rivera, 56, he was sweeping an area of the plaza and seemed very focused on the tasks at hand. “Keep studying, don’t give up. Don’t leave school or you will end up with a broom.”

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               Have a little faith                     Margarita Lamour, 56, stepping out of church with friends. “Behave, be a good student and forget about the bad distractions. Always follow God’s righteous path.”

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               First things first                       Jack Vargas, 78, sitting cheerfully in a bench reading a book and enjoying his friend’s company. “Get an education before anything. Education is the most important thing. Don’t get married until you get a good education.”

         No worries, just sunshine              Tai Massas, 21, my sister sitting in the shade avoiding the morning sun. “Enjoy the little things and just be a kid. Don’t worry so much, things have a way of fixing themselves.”

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                Uncomplicated                        Kinley Gómez, 20, engineering student arriving to her dorm. “Never let other people’s complications complicate your life. Life is going to be hard enough as it is.”


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