Is she a housewife or a worker?

By: Gerardo Torres Madera

Is she a better housewife or a better worker? How can she deal with such a busy life? Does she perform at her house as well as she performs at job?

Arlin Madera is a pharmacist who carries a very busy lifestyle. Some of her friends say that she works so much that she barely has time to spend with her family, but is it true?

Since she was 15, her life has been unlike many others. She began school at an early age, so she began college at 16. It felt normal to her because she had studied all her life with people older than her.

Arlin always felt a major interest for science, so she studied pharmacy. What led her to work in a pharmaceutical industry was that during her pharmacist studies she participated in an investigation related to the pharmaceutical industry, and did a practice in the pharmaceutical industry during her last college years.

Today, she feels good about her choice because she has been promoted a couple of times and she receives a fair salary and benefits. She has been working in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals at Guayama for 22 consecutive years and plans to work there for at least another six to eight years. She has worked in more than five different job positions such as Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Senior Stability Specialist and Quality Assurance Manager.

If Arlin were ever to change jobs, she would like to open her own community pharmacy, operate it, and work in its dispensary. She is not rushing to do so because she feels satisfied with her current job.

Currently, Arlin is in charge of a relatively small group of employees at Pfizer. “It is a great responsibility because I have to serve as a role model for them, yet it is also a big challenge,” she said about her present job at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

At Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Arlin is the one in charge of employing her own group members. “When employing people, there are some qualities that the person must have,” said Arlin. She explained that prospective employees have to be honest, responsible, and enjoy their job. Moreover, they should be able to work in teams.

As much as Arlin loves her job, she has to deal with everyday unexpected situations. “To make others complete their tasks on time with zero defects,” is what she considers the most difficult part of her job.

This is basically Arlin’s life as a worker, which she combines with her life be as housewife. She begins her workday at 8:00 am, but she does not have a fixed departure time. Normally she arrives home around 6:30 pm.

On the other hand, Arlin also has a family to take care off, one involving a husband and two children, which began in 1993.

Arlin married Juan U. Torres on November 25, 1993. “It has felt extraordinary and he is the man whom which I want to live the rest of my life,” she said reflecting on her 21 years of marriage. On 1995 she gave birth to her first child. ; two years later she gave birth to her second and last one. “I had planned to have two kids before I was even married, and economically two is the perfect number of children,” she said.

Aside from her kids and her husband, she also has a brother, with whom she stated that she had a nice childhood.

Arlin’s life is busy but rewarding. “I do not have much free time, but when I do I enjoy watching movies, TV series and visiting my relatives.” The only day of the week she has mostly to herself are Saturdays. Yet not all of them because her younger son takes university classes at Universidad de Puerto Rico at Cayey on Saturdays while he is still in high school. Because of this, Arlin has to take him once a month and she loses that Saturday.

She looks forward to retiring. In the near future she sees herself retired and traveling the world with her husband. She also wishes to see her two offspring finish their university studies and grow up as professionals.

Her younger son, Ricardo, says she has always time for her family at home and that she has never missed a single event pertaining to any family member. “Every single day she arrives home to talk with us and about her day,” said Ricardo. He also affirmed that sometimes she even gets calls from her workplace in the middle of the night and she attends them properly.

Arlin before a formal dinner at the 2014 Pharmacists Convention in Puerto Rico at El Conquistador Resort.

Arlin before a formal dinner at the 2014 Pharmacists Convention in Puerto Rico at El Conquistador Resort.

 Arlin Madera accompanied by her husband at the hotel “El Conquistador” in Fajardo, Puerto Rico on August 2014.

Arlin Madera accompanied by her husband at the hotel “El Conquistador” in Fajardo, Puerto Rico on August 2014.


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