By: Dayana C. Banchs Rodríguez

It’s amazing what you can do in just 24 hours. It seems almost impossible how well she does everything. Although not always her day is as she expects, at the end, she feels an immense satisfaction because she has been able to do their job.
Her strong character and her charming personality are her greatest attributes because they help her to finish the day with the same energy with which it begins.

Deborah Enith Rodríguez Torres is an attractive Puerto Rican woman, brunette, brown eyes, 5 feet and 8 inches tall with a slender body and splendid hair. She is only 25 years old.  Besides being a mother, wife, part-time stylist at Fantastic Sam’s Salon, assistant her mother and father and her brother’s support, Deborah studies radiography at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Middlesex Community College is a very strict university and the profession she chose is very complicated and consumes a lot of her time. Deborah is at a disadvantage with other students. Many students live near the university or staying in it. Others are between 18 to 22 years old and they care only about studying and go to the parties with their friends. They don’t have a lot of responsibilities like and other women living in the same situation.  Nevertheless, she has excellent grades.

Since childhood her life was very difficult. Her mother was diagnosed with sclerosis multiple. When she was 10 years old her family had to move to the United States. She had to leave her life and her father and begins a new life. Her mother didn’t have the physical or emotional strength to deal with her.

She practically grew up alone, but she always found the motivation to finish her projects and continue with her life. She tried to stay out of trouble. When she was 18 years old she decided to become a super woman. She became an educated woman, with good values and high goals.

“No, she doesn’t have super powers, but she has the strength and perseverance it takes to accomplish what few women can do,” said Luis Rodríguez, her father.

Undoubtedly, Deborah has a very busy schedule. Her day begins at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee and a hot shower. She prepares breakfast and wakes her son Jaden Marin Chhun Rodríguez, 8 years, with a big kiss. Then she takes him to school and goes to work.

In the afternoon, she picks up her child, makes him dinner and helps him with home-work. Sometimes she has so much stress that she forgets to go to get her son from school. Some days she doesn’t have the time to be with her husband, Samrach Chhun, because their schedules don’t match.

On weekends she dedicates time to her mother Zulma E. Torres Collazo, 60, and father Luis Marín Rodríguez Caraballo, 61 years old. She helps with everything they need. She takes them to medical appointments, helps to clean the house and goes to the supermarket to buy food for them.

If you visit Deborah’s house you can see that she definitely loves to be superwoman. Although she has a busy schedule studying in college, working part-time in a beauty salon, caring for Jaden and helping her family, Deborah has time to clean and organize her home. You can smell the vanilla in her living room, the dishes in the dishwasher sparkling and very bright floors. She taught her son to organize his things, so his room is always spotless too.

With luck, each Friday nights Deborah has time to go out with her friends to have a good time.

“Deborah is a funny person. I don’t understand where he gets so much energy and humor to enjoy a disco night,” said Nicolle Brown, her best friend.

Deborah has three brothers. One is addicted to drugs and has trouble with the law. Although it is not her responsibility to take care her brother, Deborah tries to help by providing friendship, listening, advising and offering unconditional support.
“Deborah is a woman worth of admiring. Many times she doesn’t care for their needs and tries to bring happiness to your loved ones,” said Samrach Chhun.

“I am very grateful with my sister because she constantly proves she loves me. Often I don’t treat her like she deserves, but I must admit I don’t know what I would do if she weren’t in my life. When I feel sad, I speak with Deborah instead of going to the streets looking for trouble,” said Derek Rodriguez, Deborah’s brother.

“When she was born, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her mother was getting worse rapidly. When she turned 18 years, she decided to leave college and find a full-time job,”said Marjorie Rodríguez, her cousin.

“Many times she began to study at the university, but decided to leave it. Her priority was always her family,” said proudly Leonilda Rodríguez, her grandmother.

“When I had my son Jaden I was very young. I didn’t think that meant being responsible. I don’t regret having my son. He is my greatest blessing and gives me strength to keep going every day, but I must admit it is not easy to divide my day in the right way to do all I need to do,” said Deborah.

“I definitely feel at a disadvantage compared to other students. Most professors don’t care that some students also have other responsibilities and don’t have all the time available to do college work. Sometimes I have to neglect my family to do my homework,” said Deborah with an annoyed tone.

“I’m sure I can face any challenge that comes in my life. I know I’ll make it! I trust my-self and my abilities as a mother, woman, wife, daughter and student, “ she said.

That ability, the desire to fight, go ahead and that way of thinking it is what makes Deborah’s family see her like a super woman.
That ability, the desire to fight, go ahead and that way of thinking it is what makes Deborah’s family see her like a super woman.

Deborah with her 8 years son Jaden Chhun Rodríguez (Picture taken by Deborah)


At the left Luis M. Rodríguez, Deborah’s father, Jaden and Luis M. Deborah’s eldest brother at the right side. (Picture taken by Deborah)


Deborah’s work partners at Fantastic Sam’s Salon. (Picture taken by me)


Deborah with her brother Derek Rodríguez (Picture taken by Deborah)


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