Changing Life by Ian Aldwen Cruz

If you are studying here at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, chances are that you are moving from your home to Mayagüez every weekend.

“Keep going with what you want to do” that’s what Yadmarie always keep telling herself in order to continue studying

Just like many kids from Mayagüez, Yadmarie, grew up in a “barrio” here in Mayagüez. “It was like living in a nutshell”. –She said. As she grow old she became a determine and honest young woman. Soon came that moment in where she needed to face that “extreme” decision that would change her life, choose a university.

“At the beginning, I didn’t know what to do with my life” – Yadmarie said. She was nervous, just like any other young adult. But she did not wanted to go to, “El Colegio de Mayagüez”, just like her parents wanted.

Being a person that is determines and that pride flows through her veins, she was going to take her own decision, and she did it. She decides to go to the Sacred Heart University in Santurce Puerto Rico. “It was a difficult decision to make but I saw it like an escape and a way of becoming stranger. Of course that going to study communications was another part of going to Santurce”.

An escape, just like any other student, she wanted to go away from home to prove them that she can do it, even when many did not believed in her.

But, from where does this sense of pride and determination comes from? “The way that I am, comes from the destruction of my parents marriage by fault of my dad and him always letting me down in the most important chapes of my life”. You can see in her eyes that she has something to proof, and she is going to do it.

The days passed and August 21, 2013 came, it was the moment for Yadmarie to leave home and go alone far away to begging a new journey of her own making. Determine to make her own trails she decide to start walking on her own, to prove to does that did not believe in her, that she can and would make it on her own.

“At the beginning a felt alone and it was very difficult, because multiple things were happening. I was alone in a totally different place, now I had to make everything on my own, it was very difficult.”

Every day was like a war in her head thousand of decisions and emotion all at the same time. People try to take advantage and pretend to be someone that they weren’t a those things made Yadmarie think about her decision on whether it was correct or not.

“I didn’t know where the strength to continue came from, all I know is that I’m still going strong”.

It was a very rough  start and a very lonely one to, because she didn’t knew anyone but little by little and occupying her mind in to other things, like working, she began to get hang of it.

            “Sometimes I still think if my decision is the right one. But that is part of living every day”. Even when she is feeling down, she remember all the things that she sacrifice to be were she is right now and that makes her keep going even when she is feeling alone.

The life of a university student is not an easy one and if you put all the things that Yadmarie and many students have to endure, that is something worthy of respect. She has learned a small part of becoming an adult in that first year of college.

Now in her second year she has grown in to a better model of what she wants for her life. Her fuel is still proving wrong all those who still believe in her.

Time has made her a better human being, she now understand things that before were different and not easy. Even thou her pride is what make her keep going, sometimes that some pride can be a double blade and that affects her life.

“Sometimes when I have a lot of work, I don’t ask for help because I want to do it in my way, even if it’s not the right one”. – Yadmarie said.

But that doesn’t stop her, she is someone really incredible. She is only 5fh tall and weights nearly 100 pounds but that pride and determination makes her look like a titan. Every day she wakes up to study and be one step closer to her future.

“Now everything is easier, with time we can understand things better. To anyone who is going through this, just keep going and focused on what you want”. Those are the word of a young woman who wants to make her dreams become a reality.

As Yadmarie continues to understand all the sacrifices that she had made and with that comes the meaning and the vision of her life.

"BE sure to walk you own path and that no one is telling you what to do"

“BE sure to walk you own path and that no one is telling you what to do”

"Every limit that you encounter is the oppurtunity to do something new"

“Every limit that you encounter is the oppurtunity to do something new”


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