Charlie’s Many Characters

By: Emmanuel Robles Rivera

He has been known as Craftsman, Bob the builder, and even Captain Jack Sparrow. He is known to have control of the media during the mornings and takes over the seas at night. No, he is not an actor, neither is he a captain from a never ending Disney saga. His name is Carlos Robles, and he is a proud and skilled Puerto Rican.

Carlos, also known as Charlie by most people, becomes many characters on a single day. He wakes up at 6:00 am, pours down a cup of coffee and smiles; a big day is coming ahead.

After taking his daughter Maria to school, he is “a defender of the people,” according to his audience. Charlie is a radio host from a very famous talk show in the north east of the Island called “Mañana Caliente.”

Interviews politicians, directors of government agencies, leaders of communities, and the general public, all in an effort to get answers and solutions to the problems around the area. He is known for his strong personality against injustice and his professionalism and gentleness towards actions that are done right. For some it may seem as a very difficult quality to have two different characters at the same time, but he has been doing this since he was 16 years old, he is 49.

Charlie never expected to have so many roles in life, even less to be a radio host. As a kid and teenager, he lived five minutes away from the island’s third oldest radio station, and he wanted to make some money. “One’s ingenuity to be famous and have some money at such a young age is something that thrilled me, but at some point in life, I noticed how much I was helping to get things done right, and I liked it,” Robles said.

After the talk show ends at 11:00 am, he gets ready to change to another personality: a farmer. Charlie cultivates tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and other vegetables for his family, friends and neighbors. He also produces hundreds of quails weekly to sell them, and has dozens of egg laying hens. “Farming after the talk show helps me relax and lower my mood from the hustle of problems that occur every day,” he says.

His sons, Emmanuel and María, and his wife, Yolanda, say that the ability he has to change his way of being so easily is fascinating.

After he collects all of the eggs from the quails and puts them in an incubator, he counts how many days until they get hatched. This is a silent job, and ironically, the same person who wouldn’t stop talking an hour ago is now as silent as the quails themselves.

Later on, at 6:00 pm, Charlie gets called “a pirate of the biobay,” because he is now captain of BioIsland, the electric boat that takes tourists to the glowing waters of the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo. He is now transformed into the small boy he once was, admiring the magic of the blue glowing water that is stationed at his backyard. His childhood house is set 200 meters from the biobay, so he has great history with this wonder of nature.

“Now, working here, is the time to purify myself from any anxiety that I have been developing during the day,” said the pirate of the biobay.

Charlie lived his entire childhood alongside the ocean, but now as an adult, he wanted to expand his knowledge. He wanted to fly, so he became a pilot. He explained this by saying: “when I started flying, I got a strange feeling, a feeling I liked. I felt free”.

Robles has always thought that the more you know, the better for your life in general. This way of thinking has led him to be successful doing what he enjoys most.

He studied criminal justice at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus, but he has not worked as a criminologist. Instead, what he has learned along the way in life has made him who he is today as a professional.

When asked what daily activity he likes best, he responded by saying that “When you have a hobby that becomes work, although you like doing it, its still a job, one which becomes a responsibility, not a pastime. It is very difficult to choose between my hobbies, which have become work”.

How can the same person who furiously demanded answers in the morning and got surrounded by lots of people, be the same man who looks for peace and distance from controversy and still manages to enjoy both activities? He says it’s all about adjusting yourself.

“In the mornings, my mind is set to do a certain task, and that is to interview, and I need to be very awake. Later on, whether I’m farming or talking to tourists, well, I need to set my mind to do the opposite, to listen and meditate,” said the radio host.

Charlie thinks he has a certain role or job in life. Not only to support his family, but also to contribute on whatever he can to help the people, let it be tourists or the people of his own Island.

When asked about what he wants to be remembered by, he responds by saying: “I do not work for anyone to say good things about me, I feel good doing what I’m doing, and even better if I know they are good things. My biggest achievement in life is being a good dad; that’s what I want to be remembered by”.

Charlie(left) interviewing local politicians close to election day. Ceiba, PR

Charlie(left) interviewing local politicians close to election day. Ceiba, PR

Capt. Charlie guiding tourists along with the sunset of the biobay in Fajardo, PR.

Capt. Charlie guiding tourists along with the sunset of the biobay in Fajardo, PR.


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