Estefany Marie Cotto Pedroza

Having 13.7 million of single parents in the U.S., the problem of single parenting is more common each time and you may think this case is just one of the thousands, but no. In fact not two cases are the same.

The truth is that whether or not the cases have similarities the most affected in these cases are the children. The ones that have to deal with all of the consequences in these relations are the kids. Being the children the variable that changes from situation to situation.

“Father is the one that raised you, not necessary the one that procreated you, but that is just one part of the equation.” with this Estefany Marie Cotto Pedroza started her story.

“The toughest part of the situation comes in when you get all of these different questions that no one can answer, like: Has my biological father ever cared about me? Have I meant something to him ever?” She spoke with watery eyes.

Often some of these parents that leave, have children in different relations, these cases are really usual here in Puerto Rico, many of these kids don’t know if they have other brothers or sisters. If they have, sometimes they would like to meet them or at least know them.

“I have always asked myself, if I have other brothers or sisters. Knowing this is very important for me because I still think that they are my family”

Her aunt Elizabeth Pedroza Cintron described her as a courageous, strong hearted young woman. “I still remember that January 27 of 1996, the day Estefany was born, she has been a fighter ever since,” said Elizabeth, with a grind of proudness on her face.

Some situations can stick in your mind and form memories for your whole life, especially if you are a child and it has to do or directly involves a loved one or a relative.

“The most startling memory, that I got of him, was the day I saw him arrested on T.V., that moment I have never being able to forget,” said Estefany with a bit of a shaky voice.

As a child one may face many different challenges, ones greater than others, they help us grow in some way or another, but facing them is not always easy. Many of them are difficult to comprehend for a child, but in the end it may help in the development of the child.

“One of the biggest challenges I faced during my childhood was to explain why both of my parents (her stepfather and her mother) were white and I was dark skinned,” said with a big smile on her face.

She also explained that being the only dark skinned didn’t bother her, and that in fact the only thing she hated was to give explanations to people.

Sometimes these memories can be good and they sometimes come from little details, which for children passing through situations like these, means a lot much more than a simple detail. These kinds of things may stick forever in their mind, like it happened with Estefany.

“Another big memory I’ve always kept is, a toy my biological father gave to me, in which he had recorded a message which is definitely the most special gift he gave me and that I have ever had, not for the toy, but for the message”

Determination is key to a person’s success, especially if they want to overcome the many different obstacles that surge during life. It also helps to achieve your goals and maintain yourself focused on what you want.

“Another extremely good quality that she has, and has brought her so far is her determination, she might hear you, she might take your opinion and ideas into consideration but you just won’t change her mind, she sets her goals with a pretty good foundation” said Linda Torres Pedroza.

Estefany has being trough a lot of obstacles and challenges, which have helped her to grow and develop as the person she is now a days. Even though what she has been trough is tough she has managed to endure it and that’s why she has been the inspiration for her cousin Linda, and a reason of proudness for her aunt.

“After all, I really appreciate what I have and I would not change my life even a bit, I’m good, I’m strong, I lack nothing, I’m really happy with myself and my life, after all my favorite symbol is the arrow, because the further it gets drawn back, the harder and faster it launches forward,” said Estefany with a big smile on her face.

This is Estefany at age six, before the field day of her elementary school.

This is Estefany at age six, before the field day of her elementary school.

This is how Estefany looks today at, 18 years old.

This is how Estefany looks today at, 18 years old.


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