It’s Never too Late to Accomplish Your Goals

It’s Never too Late to Accomplish Your Goals

By: Francis G. Rodríguez Castillo

            You might not know Francis; yet, you might feel identified with him. Not because he is popular nor a celebrity, but because he is someone who overcame many tough situations to achieve what he is today.

Many people have children at young age. For those young parents, having a baby is real tough. It might represent two steps back from their scholarship or their way acquire a job or even broken relationships.

Having an baby is hard unplanned, and most young parents need to get a job to raise that baby well; that was the case of Francis Rodríguez Ruiz.

At the age of 22, Francis and his wife Linette Castillo received the news that they were going to be parents. For him it was the most magnificent event that has happened to him.

“It was a wonderful experience being father, I felt like a king, because the news filled my heart with much joy,” said Francis proudly.

It was great news but also tough news because he had to work hard to raise that baby. He was studying at the Interamerican University and he had to get a job to establish himself and his family.

He started working by day, and going to school at night, hoping to become an accountant.

“It was difficult to work and study at the same time and it was exhausting, because I had a full time job and a responsibility with my family. Also I had to fulfill my dream of getting a bachelor’s degree.”

“Much of the influence that I got from working and studying was negative, because in the day I passed through so many problems with some clients and the boss. Then go to the university to get a lot of assignments, so for me it was difficult because of the family, the job, the university, all together it was tough. I was passing through a lot of stress.”

Francis’s parenthood was complicated by the fact that his son had a series of allergies to many types of foods while he was a baby, mostly to milk.

Francis’s wife also worked and studied, so the dilemma of who was going to babysit, was always there. Often in Puerto Rico grandmother’s help taking care of babies, and this case was not an exception.

“My son’s great-grandmother and my mother-in-law babysat him, and it was very helpful for us to work and study.”

To finish his goals Francis always remembered about his son and the family that he had established.

“I remember his first steps and his ideas of showing or telling something, how he acted, always smiling. I can hear and see him right now in different scenarios. He has a lot of imagination, and as a kid even more.”

Featured image

Francis at the age of 22 years with his son, Francis J. Rodríguez Castillo.

Leaving his son in good care while he worked, five years after Francis got his job, his company decided to open stores around town because they were growing. Francis was promoted to manager of one of the old stores.

Then as Francis finished his bachelor’s degree, he started searching for a better job in something that he really loved. He had not luck for four years but in 1997 his fate changed: he started working in an accounting company called James Lugo Medina & Co. CPA in Ponce, P.R.

“It was great working with James, I acquired lots of experience with him.”

He worked in James Lugo’s Company for five years until one day there were open posts on the Department of Labor in Ponce. Francis managed to request the job and was hired.

“I got a professional opportunity to grow on the daily work and also a better salary to support my family.”

Today, 12 years later, Francis is still working in the Department of Labor, and finds it a challenging job. However now that his “baby” is 23 years old, Francis allows himself to dream of his own future.

“In the future I would like to open my own company or office to perform better and achieve a personal goal.”

Surely it was tough at the beginning with all the studying, working and being a parent. But Francis never gave up, step by step he accomplished his goals.

Featured image

Francis, 45, on vacations beside the beach of Boqueron.

When he starts remembering all that has past he feels moved by it.

“My life has improved a lot, because today I am proud to say that I completed my bachelor’s degree. I have a job where I can do well. I have my own house, a family, two sons, two granddaughters and a wife. In the past I did not have any of that and now I feel like I am rich.”

So to Francis accomplishing all his dreams at a long term of his life was difficult, but surely he made it. If Francis did it with all the tough situations, you can too. If you feel identified with Francis make a move and achieve your goals. “I never gave up, there is no excuse to step back and throw the towel” said Francis proudly.


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