Bottom to the top

From the bottom to the top, because nothing is impossible. That is Ángel David Concepción motto. He is a 51 years old talented man who always is looking forward because life is too short to be only one thing.
Ángel David Concepción born on January 27, 1963; he grew up in a humble place with no many resources in Cidra Puerto Rico. Ángel David had a hard childhood, he wasn’t rich in money but was rich in talent.
The first talent that he discover was running. He began running when he was in middle school at the traditional competition in November, the turkey race. When he ran out there with his big skinny legs he got first place. Many people were impressed that the skinny, humble kid run that fast. That’s where all his life began, he continue training running all mornings and afternoons. Eventually become the National Youth Champion of Puerto Rico for the 3,000 and 1,500 meters in the category of 16 to 17 years old in 1980.
Thanks to his big talent of running and to be the National Youth Champion of Puerto Rico, many important university looked out for him but one day a coach of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus, appeared in his house to offer him the opportunity to study in Mayaguez and also represent them as an athlete in the famous competition of the Interuniversity Athletic League. The majority of the colleges in Puerto Rico do a track match among them, and demonstrate who’s the best university at this sport and others.
Ángel accepted the offer and decided to do his bachelor in industrial management. The humble kid of Cidra, started in 1981 a new different life. He entered very nervous, because he never thought he could get to study at a university like Mayagüez because his economic situation. Since he was in high school he had been a big fan of a UPRM athlete Gabriel Giraldo, who is an important Colombian athlete of long distance and for him Angel always dreamed of wear the colors of this University green and white, and better to run for them.
His first competitions not were so good. In 1983 when his turn to run arrived, he was so nervous that he began to vomit. Also, in the middle, of the race he stopped due to two large blood blisters that he had under his feet. Nevertheless he arrived fourth in the 1500 meters race. In that competition he adopted the nickname “Turbo” when in the relay his turn was the last stretch he closed the competition so explosive that people compared him with a turbo car. Thanks to that, most of the people that know him called him “Turbo” .
In his second year running, Turbo arrived second in the important race called “Campo Traviesa”. His team won the race; it was the last time that UPRM male team become champions in this league. In that year in the LAI race, wasn’t his best when his coach put him to run a different track of 800 meters and he arrived seventh place and in his track of 1500 meters arrived fourth place.
In addition to his life as an athlete Ángel David in 1984 met the love of his life Ivette Ortiz his current wife, at the UPRM in a dance class. She became his girlfriend, not so easy. In time he made her fall in love and he won her heart.

Ángel David Concepción “Turbo” running a relay in LAI, he is the third one right to left.

Ángel David Concepción “Turbo” running a relay in LAI, he is the third one right to left.

In 1985, the year of glory, in the Interuniversity Athletic League race he established a record in 1500 meters with a time of 3:50 that lasted for 14 years. That was the last year of glory for the UPRM team; it was the last championship that the university got in the LAI. Also that was the last year that he run with this university.
When he graduated in 1985, many other important university looked for him again, so he represented them in LAI for the year that remained him. In that moment the UPRM do not have the program of master’s degree in business administration so he accepted the offer with the rival the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.
In addition to his important achievements as an athlete at UPRM, Turbo also represent Puerto Rico in the World Indoor Olympics in Paris, France in 1986 and also he ran in Venezuela and in the United States.
Angel David Concepcion has worked as a manager of the newspaper “El Vocero”, also work in the area of human resources and accounting in Braxton School and as a professor in Huertas Junior College. Also he was owner of a barbershop and a pizza restaurant. He is completing a Ph.D. and expectes to graduate in 2015.
Also he is licensed as an artisan by the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico and he is a cabinetmaker of rustic doors and windows. Likewise, in October 2010, he was exalted in the hall of the immortals of the sport of running in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez. He is a proud father of two kids who also studied like he said in his “alma mater” UPRM.
This man has demonstrated that life is too short to only do one thing and that no matter where you came from or the conditions that you have lived in,there is no excused to do not make your dreams come true.

Ángel being recognized in the hall of the Immortals of the Sport in UPRM in  October 30,2010

Ángel being recognized in the hall of the Immortals of the Sport in UPRM in
October 30,2010


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