The Road from Bayamón to Mayagüez

By: Melissa A. Padilla Cintrón


Bayamón is known as El pueblo del Chicharrón. On 2010 they started to build The Northern Star (La Estrella del Norte) giving the illusion of a celestial body with the lights at night. In La Estrella del Norte ha bohemian nights and other cultural and social activities for everyone. 


Mar Chiquita in Manatí includes mangroves, caves and the sea. Is known for its unique oval shape. If you keep walking to the east side of the beach you will find a cave named Cuevas de las Golondrinas where you will see petroglyphs in the cave.


In Barceloneta there is one outlet out of two in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Premium Outlets. Before 2010 the outlet was originally known by Prime Outlets Puerto Rico. In the outlet you can shop over 90 recognized clothing brands, enjoy a coffee from refreshment stands or eat from the food court.

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Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park in one of the variety of places to enjoy in Arecibo. This was the last lighthouse built by the Spanish in 1898 .In the lighthouse you will see original marine artifacts and on the rooftop of the lighthouse appreciate the ocean view and if you are lucky, see some blue whales. 


El Buen Café in Hatillo is another place to stop and drink coffee companied with a treat. El Buen Café is also a Hostel and its been open since 1996.“Don Jose is one of our golden costumer,” said the waitress adding she has been working for 20 years in the restaurant.


On the road to Camuy there is a place called Supreme Donuts. Nice place to seat and enjoy a donut. “You can find us on Facebook; We have a great variety of donuts and coffee,” said the manager.


Jacinto’s Well (ElPozo de Jacinto) in Jobos Beach, Isabela has a legend. Legend say there was a man named Jacinto leading a cow with a rope tided to his hand, the cow ran directly in to the hole taking Jacinto with him and now, if you scream: Jacinto, traime la vaca.” the tide will go wild. The beach is mostly for surfers because of the wild waves.


El Jibarito restaurant in Aguada is known by its traditional decorations from the 1910s to 1950s era in Puerto Rico. You will enjoy creole food with a great view of Aguada’s  mountains. “I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my family in a good ambience and food,” said costumer Betsy.


Don Frappe in Añasco is a Puerto Rican brand giving  ambience for families and friends to enjoy. Since 2009, Don Frappe is giving their services to the public. The Ferrero Frappe is one of the most popular in Don Frappe.


Plaza de Colón in Mayagüez, a place to be entertain by social and cultural activities. The construction of the plaza started around 1960s.The plaza has a rectangular shape from the “Alcaldia”(West) to the cathedral in the other side(East). 


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