MIT Lincoln Laboratory Opportunities

By: Yelitza I. Nieves Prosper

March 6, 2012

On the past Monday, February 27, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory conducted a conference at the Salon Tarzan Cafeteria annex. The conference was about what is the laboratory and in what they work.

If you are interested in enrich your bachelor’s degree with an experience in engineering be part of a summer internship in the MIT Laboratory.

Dr. Nestor Lopez and Dr. Pedro A. Torres Carrasquillo were in charge of the conference. Both of them, graduated from RUM and work at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory with 12 years of experience. They work in homeland protection and amplifying potential.

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology. The laboratory recruits students from the campus for summer internship and offer full-time jobs for those interested in creating technology for national security.

One of the requirement to apply for this opportunity is to be in a concentration of engineering, science or mathematics. Also, a good GPA is also required. The process is a simple as uploading your resume to the website of this MIT Lincoln Laboratory. There is no deadline for submitting your resume in the website.

The benefits of working here include comprehensive health-care, vacation and holiday plans, flexible work day, work/life balance and relocation assistance.  Since, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory is in Boston, Massachusetts. The benefits include the local attraction like culture, sports, history and education.

In this MIT Lincoln Laboratory you work more with the electrical engineering, but have many divisions in which you work with different fields. It exist 10 different divisions.

The division three and nine works with air, missile defense, space surveillance and space control.  Other divisions work on tactical system with the U.S Air Force Red Team, communication systems and cyber security and homeland protection.

The are also  investigating other advanced technology such as equipment with voice recognition that can detect depresion in the soldiers who came back for war. Others investigations are confidential but you can bet they are so interesting like that one.

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory start being part of the civil war, but when it ends the laboratory chooses to keep by itself. They start investigating for improve the national security in the world with very advance technology.

The conference lasted about an hour and a half. At the end there was a small meal. The representatives of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Lopez and Dr. Torres, fraternized with students eating pizza. Also, they advise students to improve their resume and made some recommendations for implementation of the online resume.

This presentation was organized by the Placement Department. This department is responsible for bringing information about agencies that recruit students. It was also responsible for guiding and helping students apply for summer internships.

For more information you can contact the Placements Department in the Students Center, 5th Floor, and/or Dr. Lopez and Dr. Torres at their emails or For more information about the MIT Lincoln Laboratory or fulltime and summer internships positions available you can visit


Dr. Nestor Lopez, worker of the MIT Laboratory, explaining the divisions of the MIT. The MIT works improving the national security.

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