Charlotte Story

Charlotte Story

February 1, 2012

By: Carlos E. Santos


Here is Adriana during a wedding of a friend in Palmas de Mar. Adriana likes this type of events because she like to dress elegant and go to parties.

Who is Charlotte?  Why you must kwon this girl? Well let’s find out, Charlotte is the parallel personality of girl called AdrianaRodriguez. This girl had high goals; one of them is to become one of the best lawyers in the world. Adriana had some

problems controlling Charlotte the past year and had to stay away from the university a semester to learn how to control it and right now she knows to stay in control and be the one that she has always been.

At the first look on Adriana you see a superficial and plastic girl. But when you get to know her you notice that she is a very intelligent and talented girl in the field of psychology and a actively involved with her sorority Mu Alph Pi. Adriana has a busy life because at the day he is doing university work and during the afternoon she is in the sorority.

Adriana was born in the beautiful day of December, 12 1992. She was born in Mayaguez best known as “La Sultana del Oeste’’. She studied at San Benito college in Mayaguez and when she graduated won the “Valevictoria” award. Later she has been accepted at the University of Puerto Rico; Mayaguez campus in the program of finance and later change on, she changed to psychology.

Adriana here accompanies a sorority pledge during his initiation. During that night the new girl will become part of the family of Mu Alph Pi and Adriana will receive him with the open arms.

In the future Adriana wants to graduate from psychology with high honors, and then she wants to enter to law school. When she began to work she wants to end all injustices that happen around the world or at least begin to change it.

Adriana has the characteristics that some people maybe hate or love, because she is a extremely sincere girl and in some times if you do not understand she very well, maybe you will get a bad interpretation of what she said.  A quote that Adriana uses as life physiology is: “Always be sincere, even if you don’t mean it”, this quote is from Harry S. Truman