Joseph Y. Cordero: A Student in the Actuality & A Professional of the Future!

Joseph takes a break after a long day at "CERN" (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Ginebra, Suiza. During this recent summer program, he had the opportunity to be part of some of the most important research about particle physics.

By: Dyanne Rivera Ocasio

Generally, every teenager around 15-16 years likes going to parties, laugh and have fun. However, for Joseph this age was very crucial Joseph was 15 years old and coursing eleventh grade in the prestigious high school “CHROEM” in Mayaguez, PR when he walked through one of the most shocking and painful events in his life; the death of his lovely grandfather just a few days before his birthday.  Joseph was completely devastated. “It was at this moment, when I realized the true significance of a simple ‘I Love You’” Joseph said, with a unique glow in his eyes.

     Thanks to its true admiration and deep love for his grandfather Joseph recovered with the passing of the time. He took back the control of his life, now observing it carefully from another perspective. After all his struggles, Joseph ended his twelfth grade in “CHROEM” with great friends, a beautiful girlfriend (Jennifer Rodriguez), and above all with excellent califications, which guided him to his acceptance at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez campus (UPRM).

            Humble, dedicated, realists are the three that truly describe Joseph Y. Cordero Mercado personality. He usually wears neutral color t-shirts (white or black), short jeans and “crocs” which combine with his black glasses perfectly fits a college student appearance. At first glance, he seems to be very quiet and serious, but after a few minutes talking to him you will notice that Joseph is not like that. He has a charming personality. He’s simple, honest and also very responsible and straight with all his classes.  Definitely, all the great experiences Joseph has lived at his short age made him a fighter, a person decided to follow and pursue his biggest dreams. 

Joseph shows a giant magnet in Switzerland which inside has a particle accelerator. Physics is one of the greatest passions of Joseph; Is because of this reasons, that objects like this keep him focus on his goals and following his dreams.

In 2010, after being accepted in the University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez campus he started a major in Physics. His curious and intriguing passion for Physics, has made him a talented and outstanding student who had the privilege of worked in some of the most important research programs about physics of particles in “PSI” (Paul Scherrer Institute) in Suiza last summer. Joseph is actually in his second year at UPRM and every day even more closer to everything he dreamed about one day.

        His major aspirations are to complete his bachelor in physics with good grades, in order to make a Ph. D in physics of particles and finally contribute with that fascinating science to our society.

“All science is either physics or stamp collecting.” –Ernest Rutherford.